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Crew / Info / Credits

Crew / Info / Credits

Welcome to METALSHOTS, a photosite with impressions of all kind of Metalmeetings
all over Europe, but most of them in the Netherlands and Germany.

After a short break we are back! Fully charged and ready to expand focus on concerts in Germany (Region around Köln).

Next on Metalshots (with reservations)

Apr 04 (Tue) Sonata Arctica Essig Fabrik-Köln (D)

Apr 05 (Wed) Ghost E-Werk-Köln  (D)

Apr 12 (Wed) Hatebreed, Dying Fetus, ... Essig Fabrik-Köln (D)

Expected gigs and festivals on Metalshots

Apr 30 (Sun) Pain Essig Fabrik-Köln (D)

May 01 (Mon) Napalm Death, Brujeria, Power Trip Underground-Köln (D)

May 05 (Fri) Tankard Underground-Köln (D)

Jun 13 (Tue) Ministry Tivoli/Vredenburg-Utrecht (NL)

Jun 14 (Wed) Rob Zombie E-Werk-Köln  (D)

Jun 21 (Wed) Slayer 013-Tilburg (NL)

Jun 23 (Fri) Anathema Doornroosje-Nijmegen (NL)

Jul 09 (Sun) Evanescence Palladium-Köln (D)

Jul 10 (Mon) Lee Aaron Kantine-Köln (D)

Aug 01 (Tue) August Burns Red Underground-Köln (D)

Aug 10-12 Party San Open Air Schlotheim (D)

Sep 28 (Thu) The Crüxshadows Luxor-Köln (D)

Dec 05 (Tue) Manowar Palladium-Köln (D)

See you there ...
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