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The full report of Wacken Open Air 2015

Crew / Info / Credits

Crew / Info / Credits

Welcome to METALSHOTS, a photosite with impressions of all kind of Metalmeetings
all over Europe, but most of them in the Netherlands.

Next on Metalshots (with reservations)

Aug 06-08 Party San Open Air Schlotheim (D)

Expected gigs and festivals on Metalshots

Sep 20 (Sun) Raven Hedon-Zwolle (NL)

Oct 10 (Sat) Geldersch Metal Treffen Willemeen-Arnhem (NL)

Oct 23 (Fri) Prime Circle Uden-DePull (NL)

Oct 25 (Sun) Slayer, Anthrax, Kvelertak 013-Tilburg (NL)

Nov 04 (Wed) Annihilator, Harlott, Archer 013-Tilburg (NL)

Nov 14 (Sat) The Gentle Storm Atak-Enschede (NL)

Nov 18 (Wed) Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, Sylosis 013-Tilburg (NL)

Nov 22 (Sun) Europe Atak-Enschede (NL)

Dec 11+12 Eindhoven Metal Meeting Effenaar-Eindhoven (NL)

Jan 09 (Sat) Therion Atak-Enschede (NL)

See you there ...
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